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Execution Focus

  • PCM concentrate on a limited number of assignment at any given time.  This allow us to give our client the right amount of execution focus. PCM Search Ration 4:1 | Top Search Firms 12:1.  As a result, we spend Double the amount of resources and time.
  • We focus on achieving real business outcomes for clients. No Delegation of Search Execution to Associates.
  • We emphasize solutions tailored to clients’ needs and requirements. We use a Fast Start approach that begins with an understanding between PCM and our client at each stage of the search process.
  • We work closely with our client to develop a realistic profile based on our in depth knowledge and research of a talent pool. “Client appreciate honest feedback as long as there is real market information that backs it up”

​Strong Research Capability along with Talent Analytics

  • PCM use more of a consulting driven approach cover a market in a more exhaustive fashion.
  • PCM use a consulting driven approach that covers the talent market in a more exhaustive fashion.
  • Rigorous methodology that follows a bottom-up approach of the entire market.  This results in a systematic coverage of all key competitors that ought to be considered. 
  • Include primary and secondary data to leverage relevant information and analyst reports. 

​​Strategic Client Relationships & Off-Limits

  • We focus on  building real partnership with our clients one client at a time.  This allows us to building significant knowledge base around our client’s strategy, culture and requirements. This helps us in representing our clients in a better manner and in assessing the whether the candidate is an appropriate fit for our client.
  • PCM is a boutique search firm and we are focused on working with limited client base. As such we naturally have less off-limits which can represent more than 35 percent of the accessible market for other firms. This allow to bring a better coverage of the market to our clients.

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Populus Capital Management is a Talent advisory firm. We provide retained executive search services to recruit C-Level executives for companies across various regions. We have helped our clients accomplish transformation by hiring A Players for more than 20 years.

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